what do women find attractive in men

Guys of the world, we are here today to talk about a very important subject that we know you have thought about a lot. It’s the millenary question which has kept men all through history up at night. Are you ready? Today we will talk about what do women find attractive in men. Other versions of this question are: What do women want? It all sums up to the same answer. 

Well, for starters, women are not complicated as we think. In fact, they are pretty amazing human beings who know exactly what they want. So, why is there so miscommunication between both genders? we do not know the exact answer to this question but we do know that women find attractive men that treat them right and make them laugh. As simple as that. Contrary to popular belief, women do not find attractive rude guys who ignore them. Women like men who can treat them right and who can be fun to be with.  

Women also respect a guy who has interests besides his love life. They expect you to have hobbies and interests of your own so you have things to talk about. If you fit in these three things, then, for sure, you are a good catch. 

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