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Posted on Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Evans Introduces Revenue Measures

Councilmember Jack Evans today introduced the “Sense of the Council in Support of Tax Parity for Non-Resident Professional Athletes Resolution of 2011” and the “Clean Hands Amendment Act of 2011.”

The Sense of the Council resolution was co-introduced by Councilmember Harry Thomas and co-sponsored by Chairman Brown and Councilmembers Cheh, Brown, Bowser, Graham, Mendelson, and Alexander and would request that Congress amend the Home Rule Act to permit the District to tax non-resident pro athletes for work performed in the District.

“This provision unfairly penalizes the District, which loses tax revenue not only from non-resident athletes who visit, but from the District’s own professional athletes, whose incomes are taxed by other states and who thus have their District tax liabilities reduced due to prohibitions on double taxation,” said Evans. “This resolution would ask Congress to introduce legislation to rectify this situation.”

The “Clean Hands Amendment Act of 2011” would amend Chapter 28 of Title 47 of the DC Code to reinstate the prohibition on the issuance of a license or permit to an applicant who has not filed a required District tax return. This Bill was co-sponsored by Chairman Brown and Councilmembers Cheh, Catania, and Mendelson.

“This is an important enforcement tool in the collection of delinquent District taxes and reinforces the purpose of the Clean Hands law, in that all debts to the District government must be satisfied before receiving a District issued license or permit,” Evans said. “In the current fiscal climate, when some are suggesting that taxes be raised, it is important to first collect all taxes already owed to the District.”

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